Welcome to Virtual SL

Our community works in Second Life, a virtual 3D world where you can meet friends, go shopping, set up your house, play games, or just have fun. (More here)

Virtual SL has a roleplaying group where a real life is reenacted. The island consists of 2 regions with a size of 256x512 second-life meters. The places on the island are Parktown and Woodstone with lots of plots and apartments to live in. The shops in Parktown make for a shopping afternoon. In Parktown there is a large Skytower with a 5-star hotel, small shops, a restaurant and large offices for companies. Our police ensure a safe life on the Virtual SL Islands, while the fire department is always there for fires. The large hospital in Parktown is the point of contact for sick people. (roleplaying) The emergency room helps patients in distress, while a few floors up the clinic brings new life to the room, a baby.

The Lev blog regularly features photos of the latest and coolest things you can buy in Second Life with your local currency (Linden dollars, paid). These include decorative items, houses, plants or clothing

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All systems are operational and working properly.